ReBoot Your Human Operating System

Today is 1/1/11. Today we are launching the Dylus blog. This is my first post. It will be followed by many. Through these posts we will unfold the Dylus goal, the method to attain that goal, and the philosophy upon which these methods, and goals are founded.  The goal is to help human beings reboot their unconscious operating system. The method to accomplish this is a system called the Adaptive Fitness Recovery Model. The philosophy that supports this method is based on  scientific facts, and universal spiritual truths. It will be expanded through these posts, and validated by you, and reality.

More than one hundred years ago, Sigmund Freud, said that we think that we are living, but that actually we are being ” lived” by our unconscious mind. Cutting edge research in social science show that he is right. It also shows that we may change that. That we can reboot the physical, psychological, and spiritual human operating system that drives us. Reboot it to guide us to adapt, conquer, and succeed. This is the quest formally begun today. I hope you join me in it.

j.e. lesende


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