Adaptive Center Miami is a private, 15 client center dedicated to the treatment of addiction.

You live, exercise, and work, according to a customized treatment plan, created with you, and for you. You live in homelike apartments, within walking distance to health clubs, personal services, restaurants, and stores. All in the proximity of Coral Gables, Florida. In this metropolitan, yet homelike area, you attend treatment in a modern, and anonymous, office environment that protects your privacy in the midst of real life.

This realistic, open, and yet anonymous treatment experience, was designed according to solid social science principles, applied to the real world. Engineered to help you become fit for success in the real environment of your life.

You learn to interact with your life in a whole new way. You begin with developing skills to confront the challenges facing you. You collaborate in the creation of your treatment plans, so that they reflect your real life problems. Then, you work with your therapists, and coaches in practicing the skills to overcome them. In an intuitive, and natural way that is true to you.

Because you naturally internalize the living skills that are true to you, and you acquired them in a natural and realistic environment, these skills naturally transition into your home, work, and social reality. Instead of returning to your home from a separate reality: the reality of “Treatment”; you return to continue the work that you began with your therapists and coaches while in our center. To continue, not start, to overcome the barriers that have kept you from realizing your true human potential. And, in this quest you are not alone…

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