The 5 crucial reasons to not live in the past, or the future

Living in the present is an ancient and universal teaching. A teaching that has come down from antiquity as a ancient spiritual guideline all the way to the most modern research in psychology. It’s the formula for a joyous and healthy life. Here are the 5 main reasons why.

5. Paying attention to the Here and Now broadens your mind because you are willing to accept new experiences, thoughts, and ideas. By being trapped in the past, or your demands of the future, you train yourself to not try anything or to run from everything out of fear, anxiety, anger, or any other negative outlook.

4. Awareness of the present stops you from putting conditions to achieving success. Thought patterns like “If I win, I will be happy” or “If I get chosen for the promotion, I will be successful.” produce stress and performance anxiety. This implies that if things do not go the way you want it, then you are vulnerable to feel like a failure and incompetent, and give up on working towards your long-term goals.

3. Being present is good for your social network because it attracts more people who want to be your friend. People Love to be acknowledged and listened to. When you are present in the company of someone you send that message. People will seek you in order to have the feeling of being paid attention to, and you will be known as a great conversationalist.

2. You can be more persuasive when you are present, and not distracted. You send a message of being grounded, confident and in charge. This will lead to a more successful business endeavor and fruitful relationships, both personal and business.

1. Living in the here and now has a proven positive effect on your mental and physical health. Being aware of the present eliminates negative feelings about past mistakes and fears of the future. The result is the absence of worry and stress. The absence of stress is proven to avoid chronic diseases like hypertension, stomach disorders, heart disease, as well as anxiety and depression. As a result, you will live longer, happier, and fully.